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I bought a new computer. The main reason for wanting a new one is that for some time the images my current camera produces are large enough that my Mac Pro was rather slow on them. I’d have replaced it with another Mac but Apple’s current lineup was unattractive on both price and performance grounds, so I got a PC from World Of Computers instead. It seems to be fast enough.

It came with Windows 8. The addition of tablet features has generated a lot of fuss but in practice they don’t seem to get in the way; the usual Windows desktop is still there with the only significant difference from Windows 7 being that the start menu has turned into a start screen. Setup has mostly been easy though installing suitable drivers for my printer was a massive pain.

I’m using PuTTY more than I used to. The lack of tabs and clickable URLs makes it somewhat painful compared to the terminals available in the Linux and OSX worlds.

I’ve played through Portal 2, which is great fun. I’ve also started on Starcraft 2, though successfully creating a Blizzard account and downloading it was a bit of a struggle.

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