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Lately I’ve been enjoyed some very daft poems about cows (and ancillary characters) by Ann Leckie and her fans. I mentioned this to Matthew although I think a few other people might like them too, so here we are.

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With a real likelihood of UK exit from the EU, it makes sense to move the bulk of any savings you may have outside the British economy, since there's a serious risk that they will soon become worth substantially less and stay that way. Where are you moving yours?

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Jan. 17th, 2016 10:46 pm
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You see a lot of this design around Cambridge, I think invariably at floor level. Also Herons, though I've not been recording those.

On Tenison Road

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Either one of you lot has changed job and (more alarmingly) accent recently, or on the way home this evening I had a brief but friendly conversation with your doppelganger. Who is probably even more confused than I am, but (in retrospect) did an impressive job of hiding it...

Late again

Jun. 17th, 2014 09:33 pm
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All real suggestions from today’s sprint retrospective l-)

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(Context: I have been working on “future defects” all week.)

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I recently read Tony Blair’s autobiography. It’s an interesting enough read, but right now it seems worth highlighting a particular passage:

During the IOC preliminary visit to London to assess our bid, Buckingham Palace put on a dinner for the assessment team, whose chief I sat next to. It was only in the course of talking with her that I realised London’s bid had to be about them, not us; or more accurately what we could do to advance the ethos, the spirit, the inner emotions of the Olympic movement, rather than being simply about London, infrastructure, and so on. The IOC were a curious mixture of athletes, business people, royals and the general great and good; but whatever their origins, they were immensely sensitive to the charges that the whole thing had become commercialised and had lost touch with its inner self. They wanted the Olympics to mean something again, a higher and better thing, not just a great moneymaking celebrity fest.

I wonder how their immensely sensitive souls are coping with the nonsense about the Olympic chip monopoly?

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My phone now makes modem noises when an email arrives. This makes me unreasonably happy.
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It turns out you're an evil genius. So:

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