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We went climbing on Stanage Edge, a lengthy escarpment in the Peak District.

Climbing. We mostly stuck to Mod and Diff routes. For the first few days we managed a lead and a second each; much of the rest of the time was consumed with false starts and getting lost trying to find the next route we wanted to do. We had nice weather and beautiful scenery though. For the last couple of days our productivity roughly doubled, partly a result of more effective navigation but probably also “getting into the swing” of it. On Sunday Matthew and Sally joined us which made for a good end to an already excellent week.


N looks down.

Other Activities. Friday was the only day that was seriously wet during the day and we went to Chatsworth House, the seat of the Dukes of Devonshire even today. In local terms it’s kind of like Wimpole but on a rather grander scale. Its continued noble occupation has resulted in the accumulation of contemporary art as well as the usual stately home standbys, although excepting the photography I didn’t rate much of it. It’s also substantially covered in scaffolding and sheeting at the moment due to extensive renovation works; apart from the occasional drilling sounds (which based on conversation maybe annoyed the staff more than they did us) this didn’t really impact on our visit, though if you want a clear view of the whole exterior then maybe you should postpone your visit until this is finished.


I kind of want Mallory Ortberg to caption this.

We also made it to Sheffield Hallam Parkrun, where I chipped a few seconds off my PB. I’m not sure how comparable it is with Cambridge, though. Doing a 5km run in the morning coincided with the uptick in our climbing productivity, which N didn’t consider a coincidence.

Accommodation. We stayed at the North Lees campsite, which is a pleasant 10m walk from the road below Stanage Edge (more to the rock, depending which bit you aim for and how lost you get). Slightly spartan but it did the job. It was mostly fairly empty, only really getting crowded at the weekend. Generally the first thing we heard on waking was sheep.


The purple sleeping bag is N’s, surprising nobody.

The nearest village is Hathersage, which was a pleasant enough walk in the light though a bit dicey coming back in the dark. We tried two of the three pubs for dinner, returning to the Scotsman’s Pack for a second visit and eating once at the nevertheless perfectly acceptable Plough Inn and one of the two local curry places, Maazi.

Driving. I haven’t owned a car for more than a decade and until very recently hadn’t driven one for around half as long. For this trip we hired a car and mostly got on well, though I thoroughly disliked the single-track lanes around the campsite.



Cars have changed in the (mumble) years since the previous car I drove left the factory. Six forward gears is an obvious enough evolutionary step and I was vaguely aware of start-stop but I’d not expected the electronic handbrake, nor had I expected the car to tell me when to shift gear - something it was generally right about on the motorways, but I thought less reliable when getting round those narrow lanes.

Photos. There are lots more photos on flickr. I made some videos while climbing although I think they’ll be of more interest for analyzing gear placement than general interest.

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We went on holiday to Scandinavia in August. Some of the highlights…


  • Photos.
  • Viking ship museum at Roskilde (about 20m on the train from Copenhagen). Ancient boats rescued from the bottom of a fjord, an opportunity to chop things, and rowing a reconstructed boat. http://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/en/
  • Wandering around Kastellet in the sun and the Tivoli on a warm evening.
  • The Nordic Bronze Age. I was already well aware of the Trundholm Sun Chariot but hadn’t realised (with due deference to taphonomic bias) quite how rich was the material culture of that time and place.
  • Hire bikes with built in navigation. http://bycyklen.dk/en/


  • Photos.
  • The Vasa. It’s big and very well preserved. If your model of early modern ships recovered from the sea is the Mary Rose then you have a treat in store. http://www.vasamuseet.se/en/
  • Lemurs. Who doesn’t like lemurs? If you know the answer, I don’t want to know.
  • Wandering around Skansen and Djurgården.


  • The public transport worked well.
  • Canal tours. Good decision in both cities.
  • My usual photographic idées fixes were well served, as you can probably tell…
  • Food. We ate at a lot of excellent restaurants, although the passage of time means it’s probably beyond me to review them individually now.
  • People. Friendly and with only one exception that I can remember spoke excellent English.


Aug. 9th, 2015 05:56 pm
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S + Cannon

Goats hiding from the wet under the Cannon on the way up. More of the goats.

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More pictures from Sunday.

Mynydd Twr

Aug. 9th, 2015 01:29 pm
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Leading means taking the rope up and inserting gear into the rock. In the event of a fall (which didn't happen) the facts that the rope goes through the gear and S is at the bottom controlling the rope would limit how far N could fall.

S also climbed between us (explaining why the rope is different in the video below) but I didn't record that.

Another video, plus photos )

More pictures.
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I found http://www.bbcactivelanguages.com/OurProducts/Italian/ProductViewer.aspx?ISBN=9781406679236 pretty good for learning tourist Italian a few years ago. But we're going to Scandinavia next and there isn't a direct equivalent in the same range. Does anyone have any recommendations for learning a little tourist-level Danish and/or Swedish?


Oct. 28th, 2014 09:52 pm
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Next stop was Munich.


Chapel ceiling in the Residenz.

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We went to Germany this year…

Our first stop was the Bavarian village of Hohenschwangau, a photogenic location blessed with a pair of castles.

View from across Alpsee

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Omnomnom )

All prices exclude service, to the extent that my notes can distinguish it!

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I can’t remember a great deal about the places we ate and kept only the scantiest of notes. But…

Food )

All holiday articles:

  1. Brussels
  2. Ghent
  3. Bruges
  4. Food
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In Naples our priorites were pizza, a dish which reached its modern form in that city, and Pompeii. The former we managed both nights we were there, and very nice it was too. I don't know if the waiter at the first place had misidentified us as French or was just using it as a lingua franca, but he spoke to us as much in (restaurant) French as anything else.

Roman ruins )

Links to the rest of this account:

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Our next stop was Catania. As with the previous trip the train had in theory been replaced by a bus, however after waiting for around an hour and bemoaning the complete absence of any bus with some friendly Australians the heavens opened. Rather than stand in the rain we gave up on the rail-replacement bus and took a coach instead. I hope the Australians got where they were going…

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