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rjk@rackheath:~$ python -c 'print "møøse"'
rjk@rackheath:~$ python -c 'print u"møøse"'
rjk@rackheath:~$ locale
rjk@rackheath:~$ python -V
Python 2.5.2

(...but it's the same in 2.6.x.)

I think it's interpreting each byte in the (actually UTF-81) input string as a Unicode code point in its own right, though another (philosophically different but pragmatically essentially identical) possibility is that it thinks all input strings are encoded using ISO-8859-1.

1 and don't give me the nonsense someone came up with last time about Python having no way to know how the input is encoded. It does have a way, that's what LC_CTYPE is for.

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Same sort of idea as last year:

[Poll #637933]

And for the benefit of the shy:

[Poll #637934]
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[livejournal.com profile] naath bought me Pushing Ice for my birthday, which I have now read.

There's some familiar Reynolds ideas - human characters encountering technology far beyond their own culture; powerful aliens with questionable motives; important off-stage action; intense personal and societal politics within the human communities.

The book opens with a chase of a moon-sized quest object, with a definite hint of Rendezvous with Rama. Success in this, however, turns out to be a highly mixed blessing, with consequences that give the story a more claustrophobic in feel than the Revelation Space series in the medium and longer terms.

There's a couple of points where I wasn't quite convinced by the actions of some of the characters. In the first example this could reasonably be put down to the viewpoint we get; in the second there is simply not enough suspicion from someone who ought to know better by that point in the story.

That aside, I stayed up far too late reading it last night, which is generally a good sign l-)

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I found the problem with my rear tire; an ad-hoc repair got me to the bike shop and back and now i have a freshly installed pair of Schwalbe Marathon tires.

I played a game of Lords of Midnight. I lost Xajorkith, having only sent an under-powered collection of second-rank lords to defend it, but captured Ushgarak using most of the top row and a scattering of minor fey and some heroes. Took about 60 game days, could probably have done it a bit quicker in retrospect.

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00:32 < ewx> do you speak entirely in green?
00:32 < ceb> Non sequiteur, 30-15.
00:32 < ewx> you CANNOT be serious

I've always wanted to be John McEnroe in question tennis.


Dec. 15th, 2005 03:08 pm
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Extra points for guessing what kind of CPU it is.

Look closely )
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...my back tyre burst on the way to IWJ's for dinner, and I forgot to video Rome.

Fortunately both dinner and the associated company were excellent, and I repaired my bike before heading home; and I can watch Rome on repeat on Sunday, if I remember. But still, I am getting rather bored of bike repairs. Time to find some kevlar-belted tyres.

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On the good side, I've got no more work to do this year.

On the bad side, I fell off my bike on the way home (just in front of one of the large numbers of police cars who seem to be sculling around hereabouts right now for some reason; they made sure I was OK before heading off). I appear to be building up a collection of jeans with ripped left knees...


Dec. 11th, 2005 08:20 pm
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I now have a brown belt, as does [livejournal.com profile] beckyc.

The rest of the day was filled with frustration. Yesterday I'd repaired two holes in my rear tire; this morning the same wheel was flat again, one of the repairs having failed. I replaced the inner tube instead of trying again.

I upgraded my laptop to Tiger, but this didn't work very well; in the end I gave up and did a fresh install and copied a lot of files across from the old install to the new. I'm still working on getting things back the way they were.

I only have three more days at work this year. Hooray.

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UPS's automated pickup telephone line asks you to speak your telephone number. (And then doesn't recognize it and passes you on to a human who asks for your telephone number again, but that's another story.)

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