May. 1st, 2017 07:26 pm
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Work sent me to Malta for Financial Crypto 2017 last month. I've already shared my domain-relevant thoughts on it with my colleagues, but thanks to the extra-mural parts of the conference program I got to see some interesting things on the island too.

The full set of pictures are on Flickr; some highlights appear below.

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We went to As a quick look at the website will make clear this isn't a traditional climbing wall - instead of the usual rock-like holds there is a broad variety of (mostly plastic) constructions. The gallery on the website gives some idea and a lot of the routes in the video turn up in Cambridge.

It’s aimed at a general audience of children and adults, not just experienced climbers - there’s no need for climbing shoes, and harnesses are provided. (If you have one, don’t bother bringing it, they won’t let you use it.)

We enjoyed it though going on an extremely hot day wasn’t the best of plans; the only concession to cooling possible was some fans in the corners. I managed most of the routes although a few defeated me in their harder versions (most of them have two or three difficulty levels). In some cases the biggest difficulty was sweat making plastic holds slippery - I had to use slightly awkward grips to stay held on reliably.

The staff insist on doing all the clipping in and out (understandably given the inexperienced intended audience). All the routes have auto belays; among other things this means that usual rest between climbs while belaying someone else didn’t exist l-)

I thought it was quite expensive for what we got; specifically, for an hour climbing we actually slightly paid more than our regular trips which includes a train journey. Still, we had a lot of fun.
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[ profile] naath is taking a long walk in Scotland. She's sent some photos:

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Jan. 17th, 2016 10:47 pm
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[ profile] naath has purple hair now!


(In fact since before Christmas, I'm just behind on posting photos.)


Jan. 17th, 2016 10:46 pm
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You see a lot of this design around Cambridge, I think invariably at floor level. Also Herons, though I've not been recording those.

On Tenison Road

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We visited the Centre for Computing History in October. Although a bit haphazard in places there's a lot to look at and much of it was familiar.

[ profile] naath playing Atic Atac. You run around a castle collecting keys (to get through doors) and the fragments of a quest object. I spent a lot of time playing this; I remember one of my brother and I finishing it though I can no longer remember which of us did so!


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We went on holiday to Scandinavia in August. Some of the highlights…


  • Photos.
  • Viking ship museum at Roskilde (about 20m on the train from Copenhagen). Ancient boats rescued from the bottom of a fjord, an opportunity to chop things, and rowing a reconstructed boat.
  • Wandering around Kastellet in the sun and the Tivoli on a warm evening.
  • The Nordic Bronze Age. I was already well aware of the Trundholm Sun Chariot but hadn’t realised (with due deference to taphonomic bias) quite how rich was the material culture of that time and place.
  • Hire bikes with built in navigation.


  • Photos.
  • The Vasa. It’s big and very well preserved. If your model of early modern ships recovered from the sea is the Mary Rose then you have a treat in store.
  • Lemurs. Who doesn’t like lemurs? If you know the answer, I don’t want to know.
  • Wandering around Skansen and Djurgården.


  • The public transport worked well.
  • Canal tours. Good decision in both cities.
  • My usual photographic idées fixes were well served, as you can probably tell…
  • Food. We ate at a lot of excellent restaurants, although the passage of time means it’s probably beyond me to review them individually now.
  • People. Friendly and with only one exception that I can remember spoke excellent English.


Aug. 9th, 2015 05:56 pm
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S + Cannon

Goats hiding from the wet under the Cannon on the way up. More of the goats.

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More pictures from Sunday.
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I've been reading The Nature Of Paleolithic Art lately, and this image, seen while out on my lunch break, reminds me of a practice used in cave paintings: the artist identified a natural formation (a rock, say, or a stalactite) which recalled some part of (usually) an animal, and elaborated upon that. Spray painting with a stencil, very possibly used here for the silhouette, is also an ancient technique - they put their hands on a wall and sprayed ochre from their mouths, creating outline handprints.
The combination of ancient techniques with both the physical realization and iconography of modern communication technology is a nice contrast.
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As regular users of the bridge may appreciate, it's unusual to see it without graffiti. It wasn't even very good graffiti such as I have occasionally recorded though in one case it verged on the memorable. First:

...replaced a few days later:
(Names changed because, er, I can't remember them.)
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Fort St George bridge, being repainted (with less poisonous paint, apparently).

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