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The building is just a pile of rubble now.

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This has been going up on Station Road for some time now, and now seems to be in use:

They have what seems to be a monolith with a hole in:

Also this curious construction:

Anyone care to guess what the significance of 1911-2011 is?

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Hills Road/Regent Street junction improvements. There's a diagram of proposed changes and a consultation form.

Hills Road

Oct. 16th, 2012 09:48 am
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Contrary to my previous understanding of the planned disruption in at least two ways, Hills Road is now one way southbound to motor traffic from OLEM all the way to Station Road (using the usually-northbound side of the road). There are also barriers placed to create a lane for northbound cycles.

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This building appears to have been wrapped. It’s easier to see this from the other side:

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Not so long ago the land between King's Hedges Rd and the A14 was undeveloped; there was a car repair place for a while and the other path, but for the most part its main use was people walking their dogs. Over the last few years it's acquired housing and a school.

I think the houses look quite nice from the outside (though I'm sure they're not to everyone's taste).

However, the place is still a building site )
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The Grand Arcade opened today.

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