Jan. 11th, 2016 09:22 pm
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I reached for 1. Outside first, because of course I would. A concept album and I love the concept; aurally while I like the music, it’s the lyrics that I’m really here for. Some of my favourites:

(i) “Oh, Ramona - if there was only something between us
If there was only something between us
Other than our clothes

Something I have thought about a number of people over the years.

(ii) “Something is going to be horrid” ... BOOM CRASH HALLO SPACEBOY

A fantastic audio cut, at a key point in the story - if it was a film this would be the last time we saw Baby Grace Blue alive (nonlinearity permitting).

(iii) “Watching the young advancing all electric

A lovely image, and always makes me think of the explosion of personal electronics in the years since. Laptops, iPods, smartphones, Fitbits, and it’s not over yet.

(iv) “I started with no enemies of my own
I’ve been dreaming of sleep ... and ape. men. with. metal. parts.

Ramona gets the best lines, consistent with her role, and the delivery of the latter in particular is fantastic. The implication that someone might have to - or want to - borrow someone else’s enemies, until they could organise some of their own, is a marvellous one.

Rolling Stone wrote, admittedly among some more sensible things:

It’s too bad that Bowie and Eno don’t allow themselves the luxury of a straightforward pop song until the very end. You have to wade through 19 tracks of conceptual mischief to get to the simple melodic development and swelling chorus of “Strangers When We Meet.”

Fucking philistines. The conceptual mischief is the whole point. For a review from someone who actually got it, see the second review here (by Iai).


Oct. 2nd, 2007 02:02 pm
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LNR took quite a lot of (her!) CDs with her when she left. I've finally got round to making a list of the gaps I'd like to fill. Since I'm not really planning to buy over 60 CDs in one go, would anyone care to put them into an order?

I suppose LNR might also add “how can you possibly live without XYZ?” )

(Some updates made in light of discussion below; crossed out ones have been ordered.)

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Don Juan by the Pet Shop Boys begins thusly:

The man who's escorting Don Juan to his bride
Knows he is courting an impudent pride
Think of his jealousy, oh, where will he hide?
The man who's escorting Don Juan to his bride

The man who will cover for Don Juan's old soothsayer
Films for a Warner brother or Mister Goldwyn-Mayer
Think of his starlet, how much will he pay her?
The man who will cover for Don Juan's old soothsayer

Seems reasonably descriptive. The chorus:

An impasse has been reached with the teacher of the rich
To quit would be discreet and swift
But you know that I can't do that
It would be a disaster
It would be a disaster

I've got this sinking feeling, I'm not dreaming
We'll be sorry soon

Could be the thoughts of the man escorting Don Juan, assuming he's not entirely hypothetical, though I'm not sure about the first line. Finally:

At the end of the day, when everyone's resigned
To the heart of the matter and the measures in mind
King Zog's back from holiday, Mary Lupescu's grey
And King Alexander is dead in Marseilles

King Zog was the King of Albania; his holiday could be his jet-setting before settling in France (perhaps). Mary Lupescu is probably Magda Lupescu, mistress of the King of Romania and King Alexander was Yugoslavia and was assassinated by a Macedonian nationalist in Marseille in 1934. So this seems to be setting the place to the Balkans and the time to the end of the monarchies there (i.e. after the communist takeover of eastern europe). But what's this got to do with the foregoing?

So anyone got any more definite ideas?

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[ profile] sheffers asked for five songs. I'm going to ignore “at the moment” as I've not been hugely concentrating on music lately (one might deduce this from the currently rather slow pace of DisOrder development).

Frontier Psychiatrist (Avalanches) is kind of silly, but seems to have been consistently on the edge of my mind for a while now. It got me buying the album after hearing at work, at any rate.

I've always been a fan of the Pet Shop Boys, and pushing my rebellion against the original specification to the limits I'll pick Domino Dancing, one of the first tracks of theirs that I clearly remember, as my second. (West End Girls I was already familiar with by that point but it was DD that got me really paying attention.)

My most recent purchase is Apply Some Pressure (Maximo Park). I can't remember exactly where I originally heard this, though it was almost certainly on the Random Walk, which I've found an excellent source for interesting new stuff.

Blue Movie (Sneaker Pimps) stands out for me from hard competition from its siblings on Bloodsport. Doubtless my weakness for punning is part of this, but the sound of it is captivating too.

Finally You Are Here (Banco de Gaia) proved a more interesting listen than the earlier Last Train to Lhasa (which nonetheless finds its way into my ears from time to time). I'll just say the whole album, being as it is rather quite closely integrated.

Of course having written all that I've put them on, bringing truth back to “at the moment”.

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