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On Sunday Matthew and Naath continued climbing while Sally and I went for a walk in the Carneddau.

We started out a bit east of Llyn Ogwen and walked up Pen Yr Ole Wen, passing Ffynnon Lloer on the way:

Ffynnon Lloer

There was a fair bit of scrambling on the way. We came up this:

Ascent of Pen Yr Ole Wen

We had some pretty good views back down the Ogwen Valley:

Ogwen Valley from Pen Yr Ole Wen

We were also able to see Tryfan Fach, where M & N were climbing.

Tryfan Fach from Pen Yr Ole Wen

100% crop here, in which N is belaying at the bottom right and M is leading at the top in the middle.

From there we made our way along the ridge to Carnedd Dafydd. Although the weather was good for most of the day we spent this part of the walk inside a cloud; with grey rubble or mist in all directions and no visible sign of life but ourselves it felt amazingly isolated.

After that we headed up to Carnedd Llewelyn. The cloud cleared up along the way: the intermediate stage between thick cloud and nothing was patchy, thin cloud blowing rapidly up the valley straight at us.

From there we could see our next stop, Pen Yr Helgi Du. We walked along the ridge in the foreground and then up to the peak.

Approaching Pen yr Helgi Du

Half way along the ridge above we had to get down this. The photo makes it look a bit steeper than my memory says it really is:

On Bwlch Eryl Farchog



Full set of walk photos.

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Date: 2014-08-21 08:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lethargic-man.livejournal.com
Wow. Impressive landscape, impressive photography (and impressive rock-climbing too!).

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