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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red/black_concept describes a notation sometimes used when discussing confidentiality:

  • red denotes signals carrying secret plaintext;
  • black denotes signals carrying ciphertext.

Is there any generally agreed coloring for the analogous integrity question? i.e.:

  • a color which denotes signals where integrity matters (or maybe this is "all of them" and we don't need a specific choice of color); and
  • a color which indicates a signal with cryptographic integrity protection of some kind.

Non-color visual notations also welcome for several reasons:

  1. things still get printed in monochrome;
  2. color vision is not uniform among humans;
  3. using too many color notations at once leads to angry fruit salad rather than clear diagrams.

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Ad-blocking in web browsers has been going on for years, but it’s generating more press lately because Apple have started doing it. (Possibly also it’s reached sufficient levels that it’s starting to hurt). I have very little sympathy for the organizations impacted by this for a number of reasons, but in particular:

  1. Online adverts represent a serious threat vector. Breaking into a obscure blog and using that to server malware only infects that blog’s readership; breaking into an ad server affects the readership of everything that uses that ad network. This isn't a hypothetical concern; here’s a recent example (edit: here’s another) (edit: another, with a bonus of some social engineering to get users to make themselves vulnerable). If I asked an ad network to indemnify me against any losses resulting from permitting them to access my computer, what sort of response do you think I might receive?

  2. Ad-blockers do indeed disrupt the business model of many websites, and this may yet be fatal for large numbers of them (or at least a contributing factor in their demise). But so what? The web has already thoroughly disrupted many existing business models[1], and is continuing to do so; if ad-blockers do kill a bunch of websites then really we’re just seeing another round of the same thing.

[1] although to my surprise I saw an apparently surviving video rental store on Saturday morning.

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