Dec. 30th, 2012

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More books that I’m not going to read again (or possibly at all).

Adam Roberts - Stone
Alan Dean Foster - Life Form
Alan Dean Foster - The Tar-Aiym Krang
Alan Dean Foster - Voyage To The City Of The Dead
Alexei Sayle - Barcelona Plates
Brian Stableford - Journey To The Centre
Charles Sheffield - Divergence
Charles Sheffield - Summertide
Clifford D Simak - Catface
Clifford D Simak - City
Clifford D Simak - Way Station

David Zindell - Neverness
Geoff Ryman - Was
Iain Sinclair and Dave McKean - Slow Chocolate Autopsy
Jack Womack - Terraplane
James White - Hospital Station
Janet Allen Young - The Bridge
Janet Evanovich - One For The Money
Janet Evanovich - Two For The Dough
Jeanette Winterson - Gut Symmetries
Jeanette Winterson - The Powerbook

John Sladek - Keep The Giraffe Burning
John Sladek - The Reproductive System

Kim Stanley Robinson - Blue Mars
Kurt Vonnegut Jr - Wampeters Foma And Granfalloons
Kurt Vonnegut Jr - Welcome To The Monkey House

Philip José Farmer - Jesus On Mars
Philip José Farmer - The Stone God Awakens
Robert Sheckley - Mindswap
Robert Sheckley - Shards Of Space

Thomas M Disch - Under Compulsion
Tobias Wolff - The Night In Question
X Protocol Reference Manual

Please comment if you want any of them. You collect from here or Station Rd, or possibly the pub.

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What on earth is the point of the Thomson Local directory? I don't think I've used it once in my life (even before discovering the Internet) but it's been coming through the door for as long as I can remember (which in this case means at least back to the 1980s).

Have you ever used it?

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